Tea Seed Meal、Tea Saponin

We have been producing and exporting the below 6 kinds of products:

Tea Seed Meal With Straw、Tea Seed Meal Without Straw、 Tea Seed Powder、Tea Seed Pellet、Tea Saponin Powder 、Tea Saponin Liquid.

Tea Seed Meal With Straw is a residual material of tea oil first squeezing after crushing the camellia seed oil cake,through the processes of crushing, grease leaching and solvent removing, then becoming special tea seed meal,which will be free-flowing powder if further processed by micro-grinding, and will be pellet if powder further be hot extrusion molding.

Our cargo of "tea seed meal without straw" is not to be eaten by the weather, it is to use our patented technology and equipment to winnowing out "straw" from "tea seed meal with straw",  after this, our cargo of "tea seed meal without straw" is becoming no straw, good free-flowing,uniform size, Color has vitality,etc., 


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